Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An eclectic collection part 1

Some images I think the majority of the current membership of APS will not have seen.
10-10 & 11-10 IMHO these are not photographs even though the constituent parts were. I think there is a point when heavy manipulation removes the inherent truth in an image especially when several images are blended. These are part of a series on death which I made in a very dark period of my life about six months after the death of my wife, I've only recently started to show some of these.
12-10 &13-10 Birmingham Oratory, a fantastic RC church in the heart of the city.
14-10 Tyntesfield, once the family home of the Gibbs family, amazing what selling bird poo will do for you!
15-10 A conservationist at work, the house is now owned by the National Trust.
16-10 The chapel.
17 to 19-10 A weekend in Llandudno.

Tony Middleton

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