Thursday, 17 September 2015

Catch up to the end of August

Catch up time, it's been quite a while since I last was on the blog. First a great big thank you to Joy for all the help she has given me especially over this year. And welcome to the new Blog-master I hope everything runs smoothly for you David.
'Take one a day' continued to be problematic for several reasons so I'll give the background to each group of images when needed.

13-08 Part of a damaged headstone in the village church-yard taken on an evening stroll.
14-08 I developed a raging tooth ache and while killing time waiting or the dentist to open after lunch I popped into the cathedral. This is a 5 shot HDR. Frankly I'm amazed it's come out so well as I did not have a tripod with me so the camera was on the edge of a flat surface using the auto multi shot function at 1 stop intervals from f11 up to f2.8 and the 10 sec shutter delay.
15-08 On a stroll along the Chasewater railway this looked interesting especially when you look at it from a different angle to the normal one.
16-08 Coming back from lunch the cooling towers looked quite dramatic against the sky.
17-08 Seen in 1709, a bit of French chic in Lichfield.
18-08 as Maggie had gone 'up north' to get some rest as she was still suffering from shingles I took the opportunity to go to Cosford; this Lightning hanging from the roof always amasses me.
19-08 Another from an evening at Chasewater.
20-08 Felt really rough so spent some of the day messing about with this shot taken in a well known Birmingham store.
21-08 One for the imagination.
22-08 Corny I know but I still felt rough
23-08 Hot stuff this tooth paste.
24 to 29-08 Really really rough week spent mainly in bed, so these 6 shots are from a visit to the Lichfield Food fair on the 29th.
30-08 Part of my fence.

Tony Middleton

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