Friday, 24 July 2015

Not taking one a day..

As I said I had to spend time in hospital and recovering so instead of doubling up, as was my first thought, I thought I’d put in some images that I’ve used for other projects. These are all dated in brackets.

The first four images (13-07 to 16-07) are one of several experiments trying to show the passage of time. Try to imagine the four in a horizontal line; there 
are subtle changes in the first three and then the big change in the last one.

17-07 A steel guitarist with a bit of blur, just enough to show he is playing. 

(18-07 to 20-07) These three are intended to be mounted as a triptych in a single mount with the first one (18) in the top left corner overlapping the top left corner of (19) in the centre which in turn overlaps the top left corner of (20) The matt has a lozenge shaped cut-out diagonally from top left to bottom right. Hope that makes sense. 

The shot of Shugborough Hall (21) was taken from a balloon and has started me researching using either kites or drones for aerial shots. In the past I have worked from a helicopter for a couple of clients but that’s obviously far too expensive to do now.
Tony Middleton

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