Thursday, 4 June 2015

End of May

Well that’s May done and dusted, summer started on June 1st, looking out of the study window someone forgot to tell who or what ever controls the weather!

The final offerings for May are mainly taken around my village, I usually make a daily visit for the odd bit of shopping or visiting the doc’s but have rarely taken a camera which goes against everything I’ve often said, so not wanting to become a ‘do as I say not as I do’ type over the past few days I’ve taken the X20 along and it’s surprising what you find if you really try to see what you’re looking at.

24-05 A knot in the fence at the doc’s.

25-05 A briar that’s invaded my front garden.

26-05 Also in my garden this lilac against the deep blue sky looked good. The tree is well over 50 years old as we planted it when we moved in. Old hat I know, so what.

27-05 The area between the village boundary and the toll road is being ‘in filled’ with housing, soon there will be no green belts left between our neighbouring villages and us.

28-05 Earlier this month I shot this tree made by the local high school for the ‘tidiest village competition, some idiot thinks the cider can is an improvement.

29-05 A reminder of the village’s deep mining past, there used to be several mines in the parish the best known being the Jerome pit.

30-05 The village cafĂ© goes alfresco; unfortunately it’s not quite like Provence!

31-05 Any one have any idea what the black sticker’s about? It appeared over night.

Tony Middleton

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