Wednesday, 1 April 2015

That's March Finished

As I write there's a hail shower which was preceded by bright sunshine which looks great until you go outside into that cold wind which seems never ending.

One thing I hope these one a day are showing is that you do not need to go to stately homes, beauty spots or so called visitor attractions to take, I hope, interesting and quirky pics.
A lot are taken in and around my home; you just need to see what you are looking at.

This lot has a shot in a multi-story car park, mundane things like cookbooks and eggs, a 1930's OXO tin, a Canterbury cat’s eye and two c1925/30 teddy bears with a modern resin one. Things I live with and use every day.

The Grayson Perry book is fascinating, he is so complex, what I really like about him is he speaks his mind on subjects that many of my generation, and those maybe 10/20 or more years younger, find embarrassing. Also the versatility of the man, pots of course, tapestries, paintings, sketches and photography. Claire's 2014 Reith lectures were fabulous. For those not familiar with GP, Claire is his transvestite alterego.

Tony Middleto

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