Saturday 18 April 2015

Holding On

Link to article about photographers who refuse to abandon film- here

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  1. This is a growing trend, I think the growing feeling amongst a lot of photographers, especially in the art and street areas, is digital feels so impersonal. Film is easily obtained on the web as is processing. To have a mono 35mm with files on disk processed is £10.00 at
    so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, shoot film and post process and print digitaly. OK it costs a bit more but seriously the restrictions placed upon you by having 12 or 36 shots really makes you think before you press the button, also you soon get to know about exposure. I understand that most degree courses in photography still require first year students to use film and maybe even a darkroom. Try it you can pick up a good 35mm manual camera like a Pentax K100 or Nikon FM2 for not a lot of money on ebay. Medium format items like the Mamyia TLR, Rollies and 'blads are a fair bit more.