Wednesday 4 March 2015

February Done and Dusted

Well that's two months done and still on target! Looking at this series it's obvious that some are 'desperation' shots, others have been influenced by the early work that I've been researching for a talk to a local U3A, One shot was even taken in bed!

Over the years I've found that, as a group, we photographers have a big fault compared to the other art forms, we don't look back at how the medium developed. This is especially true in the club world where technique together with perceived good styles and competitions rule never mind anything else.

There is what looks to be a good exhibition on at the Tate until I think the end of July showing Victorian and Edwardian photographs from a private collection.

Did any of you see that report on the funding of the arts? The BBC found that central government spending on arts and culture in the capital amounted to £69 per resident in 2012-13, compared with £4.60 per person elsewhere in England. There was one curator claiming that most of the work produced in London goes on tour. Where??? Certainly not much photography finds it’s way to the midlands. 

When we were in Malta a few years ago we found an exhibition sponsored by the British Council and in the Azores in Angra do Heroismo on Terceira the results of the BJP annual were displayed as a mural in the main square.

Tony Middleton

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