Thursday 27 November 2014

A Bit of History

While we did not manage to go and see the sea of poppies we did order a couple which arrived yesterday. I don't fancy putting mine outside in my somewhat overgrown garden so I'm looking for a suitable box frame.... anyone got any ideas where to get one made? Looked in the Lion catalogue no help there nor are a couple of local framers; I think the 3" depth of frame puts them off.

Interesting how provenance can change you perception of something. See one of these in a shop without knowing the story behind it and you'd say '£25?  No way' but I'm willing to bet that in a few months or even days they will appear on ebay for inflated prices. Not mine I hasten to add.... I'm thinking of framing it with its certificate, my grandfathers medals (he was on the Somme and at Passendale and died from being gassed) together with his death certificate maybe.

Tony Middleton

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