Monday, 19 May 2014

Daniel Meadows Exhibition

A group of us went to see the Daniel Meadows exhibition at the Central Libary. Meadows started to make his name in the 70's with the Photo Bus project. 
As one would expect from a major touring exhibition the presentation is very good but it is the images that you go to see and they were superb. So nice to see photography that the general public can relate to because that's what Meadows took, people in their environement. For any one who can remember that era it's a trip down memory lane. There are some super video clips which give an insight into how Meadows worked. All together a breath of fresh air, go and see for yourselves; there is a world of image making far removed from the stylized club world.
Daniel is still working make image in a totally different medium, check his wikipedia entry..
If you can make time to browse the photographic books, there are some jems amongst them.
Tony Middleton

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