Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Visit to the British Museum

We had to go to south for a birthday party and so took the opportunity to spend a few days with M's sister-in-law and also go up to London to see the Vikings at the British Museum. 

We first went and looked at the Anglo-Saxon rooms which were very interesting. You can take pics in the main part of the BM and that's where these were done. All jpegs with the little Fuji X20 at 200 or 400 ISO and hand held at around f2.8 and 1/10 sec, beta blockers work wonders! Apologies for any strange effects in the pics as I've succumbed and bought Lightroom5. These are my first efforts at developing images, yet to try doing RAW!

I found the Vikings a bit of a let down especially after  seeing the Mary Rose exhibition. There was supposed to be no photography in the Vikings but camera phones and iPads were flashing all over the place. I did not bother as it was so similar to the Anglo-Saxon stuff and the warship was a big disappointment.

Tony Middleton

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