Friday 6 July 2012


These images have all been taken with a Fuji X100 camera with a fixed single focal length lens. Between 4 and 15 shots have been stitched to produce the final image. I used the stitcher in CS3 or PTGui the former is dead easy to use the other requires some time and knowledge of the software but does give better results.

You can spend a lot of money on special tripod heads but I've found the software can cope with the following method. Use a viewfinder grid so you can keep the horizon reasonably level and ensure a good over lap between shots. Stand with your feet slightly apart and pointing toward what will be the midpoint of your pano, pivot from the waist and start taking images from the left working round to the right, don't move your feet it's all done from the waist. Use aperture priority. A bit of practice and the world of pano's is yours.

Tony Middleton

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