Sunday 6 May 2012

World London Exhibition Visit

Braving icy wind and rain we joined the queue for the World London Photographic Exhibition at Somerset House on 5th May. The exhibition continues until 20th May.

Photo Exhibition

Winner of Commercial- Fashion category
Portraiture demo

Viewing a Gustav Kiburg kingerfisher photo

We attended  two talks/demonstrations.  Unfortunately the person leading the Portrait and Lighting session was not confident. He lost a lot of his audience as he mumbled at the floor and got agitated with the equipment. We only knew what was going on because we had learned so much from Gary Allkins, a member of Aldridge Photographic Society who regularly runs workshops at the club. Gary demonstrated portrait and lighting procedures in April and followed up with a Sunday workshop.

The second talk at Somerset House was by a keen bird photographer from the Netherlands. Gustav Kiburg is a welder. Photography is his hobby. He shares his photos and his tips on his website at It is well worth a look. Gustav showed us how he dresses up in camouflage , how he takes fish food to encourage fish for kingfishers to catch and eventually pose with - often on one of  the branches that he takes with him as they are prettier than most!

Just over the River Thames,  upstairs at The National Theatre there is a free photographic exhibition on theme of "Festival!" It runs until June 4th.
D&J Owen

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